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Coronavirus: Buhari’s Nationwide Broadcast Was Not Done In Nigeria – Nnamdi Kanu



Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Tables Fresh Request Before Buhari, Says 'This Is What Biafrans Want'

President Muhammadu Buhari has been accused by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, of delivering his Sunday nationwide broadcast outside the presidential villa.

The IPOB leader further stated that the Sunday broadcast was not a live broadcast but was recorded.

Amidst the claim by Kanu that the President has been flown abroad to Cuba, President Buhari made a live broadcast on Sunday, revealed his administration’s efforts in the fight against Coronavirus.

The broadcast was transmitted on the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, and other local television and radio stations.

Kanu in a post on Facebook noted that his earlier claims about the president remain the same, he insisted that the broadcast was done in an unnamed hotel in Cuba.

Kanu, who tried to back his claims with some points, said the external intelligence division of his group, which he called the “M-Branch” has uncovered plans by the alleged cabal in Aso Rock to hastily fabricate “a replica of the basement of the hotel in Havana Cuba where Jubril Al-Sudani recorded a poorly scripted video that aired on NTA.”

“A broadcast they touted as coming live from Aso Rock was in actual fact recorded in the basement of a hotel in Havana Cuba as I earlier warned the world they would.”

He noted that workmen secretly entered the Villa early Monday morning to commence work on replicating the basement conference room of the Cuban hotel from “where a poorly edited video, both audio and visual, was shot of a man reading a written statement.”

Kanu said that “They hope to air a video of this hastily built previously non-existent conference room on or before my broadcast on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.”

“During their now usual Femi Adesina photoshop session that precedes every grand lie by Aso Rock, they foolishly forgot to give different colouration to the clothing of the fake journalist and cameraman they clumsily inserted in the photo.”

“Carefully observe the photo below. NTA journalists are now on some kind of brown Coronavirus uniform or is this a new Aso Rock live presidential address Ashebi?”

“This is how pathetic governance in Nigeria the great British Zoo in Africa has been reduced to. Lies upon lies, deception upon deception.”

He described Nigeria as a den of thieves, deceivers, the gullible and reprobates.

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