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This is a historic first: alone on the deserted square in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis presided over a prayer on Friday against the “storm” of the pandemic, exhorting the world “frightened and lost” to review its priorities and reconnect with faith.

“Thick darkness covers our places, our roads and our cities; they have taken over our lives, filling everything with deafening silence and a desolate emptiness, which paralyzes everything in its path “.

Under a heavy rain resounding on the cobblestones of the Place Saint-Pierre prohibited from access, protected by a canopy, the pope thus drew up in a homily a terrifying inventory of fixtures of “the storm” of the coronavirus, which put all world in “the same boat”.

It “unmasks our vulnerability and reveals the security, false and superfluous, with which we have built our agendas,” noted the pope, in a plea aimed at reviving the sleeping or forgotten faith of many Catholics.

Those who are above all “greedy for gains”, “of omnipotence” and “of possessions” have not “woken up in the face of wars and planetary injustices”, he regretted.

“We continued on our way, imperturbable, thinking that we would always remain healthy in a sick world,” noted François, judging that it is time to “reorientate”.

Source: Naija News