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Coronavirus: Real Reason Abba Kyari Didnt Self-Isolate After Foreign Trip



The chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari , did not self-isolate after an official foreign trip because Germany and the UK were yet to be designated high-risk countries requiring self-isolation, family sources have said.

The family’s statement contradicted insinuations that he refused to self-isolate on his arrival as advised by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Recall that on Monday, Kyari was diagnosed with the Covid-19 disease after he got back from his trip.

Abba was in Germany and the UK from 8th to 12th of March. He arrived Abuja on the 13th. As at that date, neither Germany nor UK had been designated by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) as high-risk destinations requiring self-isolation,” a family member, who pleaded anonymity told newsmen.

In fact, Germany was designated on the 16th and the UK on the 17th. Both were after his arrival on the 13th. To say he breached the NCDC advisory is evidently inaccurate.

“I’m aware Abba has volunteered to hand over his passports to the ministry of health and NCDC for a verification of his travel dates.”

He noted that if kyari was hiding anything, he would have written to the national assembly leaders to complain about the failure of their members to subject themselves to serious checks.

Abba was more concerned about the abuse of power in the bid to deal with the challenge. That also presupposes that he couldn’t have written that letter if he had anything to hide,” he added.

He frowned upon the narrative being pushed by “those obsessed with seeing the back of Abba and who have seen this as an opportunity to continue their continued war against” him.

Abba didn’t break any guidelines. If anything at all, he could be accused of throwing himself at the tasks given to him by the principal,” he said.

“While these eternal plotters have been snoozing, he has been busy working for Nigeria. In the end, our lives are in the hands of Allah. There are many people celebrating and gloating today who will probably still catch the virus or have already caught it. That’s the irony of life

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