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COVID-19: Shut Down Cattle Markets, Return To The Bush – Miyetti Allah Orders Herdsmen


Miyetti Allah Leader Backtracks, Denies Saying Fulani Owns Nigeria

Due to the current outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus across the country, the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore-Fulani Socio-Cultural Association has ordered all its members to shut down their cattle markets and go back to the bush until the pandemic subside.

This was disclosed by the National President of the Association, Bello Bodejo, who warns that all members of the association should remain in the bush as a precautionary measure to avoid been affected with the killer virus which may increase the spread.

Part of the statement read thus; “Let my people remain in the bush until the prob- the problem is all over; even those who are outside should join those in the bush until the situation is brought under control.”

“They should close all cattle markets in every place in Nigeria because, in the market, you don’t know who is who; you don’t know who has tested positive to coronavirus and you don’t know who has contracted it.”

“The best thing to do is take precautionary measures to safeguard my people and to halt the spread,” he said.

Bodejo in his chat with The Sun when asked how the country will cope without getting sufficient meat should all the herdsmen return to the bush replied and say “Of what benefit will it be to our association if our people contract the disease while in the market? The best bet is to keep away from the market.

He added, “The herdsmen who are in the bush or forest should remain there, as coming out to meet those in the market portends danger.”

Bodejo, however, noted that anyone who is desperately in need of their market can reach them in the bush at his own will.

He, however, warned if it happens to be so, the cow sellers must maintain a distance, use precautionary measures to ensure that they have nobody contact with their buyers during the transactions.

Meanwhile, Naija News had reported earlier that the Federal Government is set to bring back the policy which ensures the registration of livestock coming into Nigeria from nearby countries.

This was disclosed in a statement by the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture, Alhaji Sabo Nanono.