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How Prophet Iginla Prophesied About Coronavirus In 2014




Prophet Joshua Iginla predicted the outbreak of a deadly disease “Coronavirus” in his 2014 prophecy.

in 2014 prophecy, Prophet Iginla prophesied accurately about a dreadful disease which would come in the year 2020.

The Prophet had said: ” I see a dreadful sickness worse than HIV. I see a beast coming out. I saw medical experts gathered around this beast but could not conquer it.

“And I see it killing millions of people between 2014 and 2020. Let’s pray that between 2014 and 2020 we won’t see a breakout of this virus that will kill millions.

“This is a plot. It’s an end-time sickness. When we talk about HIV, this is not it. It is something that will blow up the minds of a scientist,” the Prophet had said in his 2014 prophecy.

The coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic, caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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