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Shehu Sani Slams Northern Leaders Over Poverty In The Region



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A former senator of the 8th National Assembly, Shehu Sani in his recent statement noted that the rate at which poverty has ravaged the northern region is something that the legislation cannot fix.

Speaking further, Shehu accused leaders from the Northern region of the country over continued rise in the poverty rate being experienced in the North.

Naija News understands that Sani on Friday concludes in his statement that “fast-growing poverty leading to the higher rate of begging in the north was due to social injustice and the systemic failure of political leaders of the region.”

It could be recalled that Senator Shehu Sani has called the attention of the federal government of Nigeria to equip Worship centre in the Northern part of the country with able forces that can watch over lives of worshipers against terrorist attacks.

Sani while giving his reasons for the poverty growth in the north added that “Begging in the Northern part of Nigeria is a direct result of poverty, neglect, social, cultural and religious factors.

“The Northern political leaders should understand that it is impossible to compose a paradise without beggars in a hell they created over the years. Beggars are tragic victims and a direct result of a nation failed by its successive governing elites. You can’t end begging without ending poverty and illiteracy.

“You can arrest beggars but you can’t end begging as long as the social, cultural, political and economic factors that contribute to begging to exist.” he said.