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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – A Remarkable Biography For This Generation




The biography of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stands upon the testimonies of those who have had their lives altered as a result of the teachings, healings, and faith he delivers.

In every generation, there are leaders who inspire nations. The far-reaching impact of their output is often not quantifiable but there are countless testimonies that attest to the seismic impact, the leadership of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has brought. With a biography of notable achievements that increase every year the imprint that Pastor Chris has made on the hearts of the LoveWorld Nation is astonishing.

A conduit for messages of hope and succor

As the lead Pastor and Director of Christ Embassy Church Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has delivered many sermons and lessons to crowds of expectant brethren. The messages are always relevant and spoken with compassion. He has built  LoveWorld Nation on a foundation of love and joy.

Pastor Chris encourages all to be natural in devotion as he taught us that  “the Kingdom of God is joy in the Holy Ghost.” He explained that there are three expressions of joy. They are singing, shouting and dancing. These are ways we show that joy. Pastor Chris revealed God’s plan for our perpetual joy. His ministry is composed of many parts to make LoveWorld Nation an expression of the joy of life in Christ.

Tools for Evangelism

One of the undertakings of a Christian is the joy of evangelism. In his biography of achievements, Pastor Chris has penned the best-loved daily devotional in the world. ‘Rhapsody of Realities‘ is a  celebrated masterpiece and is one of the most effective ways to spread the Gospel. It is available in 2010 languages making it the most worked upon scripture in the world.

Reading the Rhapsody of Realities daily is life-changing

In its 20 years in print, it has been received by many people on five continents. When you read this daily devotional in your mother tongue the message of the Gospel becomes relevant to you. It is affectionately known as ‘The Messenger Angel’ as it delivers thoughts and insights. It is easy to share with friends and family and when you do you are doing God’s work.

“Ministry is the outflow of the rivers of living water in you.”

Training the ministers to do the holy work of ministry is something that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands. As he has a vision given to him by God and he has delivered countless souls into the Kingdom of God. His International School of Ministry (ISM) provides excellence in the training of ministers to perpetuate that task.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s vision is to train ministers to share the message of the Gospel and the message of Eternal Life in Jesus Christ. In this part of his biography Pastor Chris excels. There is great flexibility and support with the ISM learning schedule and graduates have tremendous success in their personal life as well as in Ministry.

Saturating the airwaves

Since its inception, LoveWorld Radio has taken the divine presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people of the world. The quality of the broadcasting demonstrates the character of His Spirit. Having dedicated Christian radio shows allows the Gospel to be spread to places where communication is limited.

Pastor Chris understands the modes of communication so the life-changing, informative and highly inspiring motivational programs are available online. They now reach a broad audience spanning across the United Kingdom, Europe, and the U.S.A.

Special TV vision

LoveWorld TV is the first 24-hour Christian satellite television network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world catapulting Pastor Chris to global prominence. The variety of shows are a reflection of the depth of Christian life. There are teaching programs, prayer opportunities, informative discussions, and uplifting musical programs. During the ‘Global Viewers and Listeners Conference’ ministers testified that they came into contact with Pastor Chris via the TV and radio.

With multiple online channels, Christian programming has become more relevant and authentic in line with the mandate of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You will find political debates and all the business news on these channels. All ages are catered for and the children’s programs are really popular.

Empowering the next generation

The Global Youth Leaders Forum (GYLF) was established by Pastor Chris to nurture young people and encourage them to take an active role in leadership. By equipping them with the tools to transform lives Pastor Chris is increasing the reach of the Gospel. There are many testimonies to the impact the GYLF has had around the world. The best way to find them is on social media.

Staying connected

Social media lets you stay connected to the activities of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris wants to remain connected to his followers and the best way to do this is on social media. The KingsChat app is a great way to find out what is going on in Christ Embassy and keep connected to the dynamic ministry. This monumental achievement was a landmark moment in the biography of Pastor Chris Oyakhlome. People can share their stories of miracles as they happen.

Healing the sick

Some of the most talked-about miracles are of healing. ‘The Healing School’ is a place where hope is found. There are two sessions each year in South Africa and Canada. You can watch the stories on a program broadcast of LoveWorld TV called  ‘Enter The Healing School’. Segments are available on Pastor Chris’s website.

The healing of the sick and the freedom to live a healthy life are brought about by learning, prayer, and devotion. Pastor Chris says there are no hopeless cases and the testimonies of healing are life-affirming.

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The biography of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an ongoing record of salvation and hope. In these testimonies, we read countless affirmations of faith that have been inspired by the teachings of Pastor Chris. It is miraculous that there are so many ways to hear the messages he preaches.