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Media Lied Against Me, I Was Only Fighting Corruption The Traditonal Way – Oluwo



Oluwo of Iwo

The Oluwo of Iwo in Osun state, Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has stated that he is fighting corruption the traditional way.

This, the king said in reactions to the reports of his encounter with Dhikrulahi Akinropo, agbowu of Ogbaagba, during a peace meeting in the state.

Recall Naija-News reported that Oba Akanbi had assaulted his fellow monarch at a peace meeting that was organised by an assistant inspector-general of police.

Reacting in a press conference at Osogbo, the state capital, Oluwo described the allegation as a desperate gang up against him.

The monarch said what happened between him and Akinropo was a “mere altercation and not physical combat”.

I did not punch Agbowu of Ogbaagba, although there was an altercation that almost resulted to exchange of blows, that didn’t happen at all.

“I brought him and other Obas to the police to talk to them on the need to stop selling land that did not belong to them.

“I am fighting corruption in a traditional way. They are selling a hectares of land at the rate of N60,000, which I’m kicking against.

“I did not touch Agbowu of Ogbaagba, although he was aggressive and we almost had altercation but I did not punch him.”

The Iwo monarch added that he loves peace.

If I am that boxing king you people are calling me, I should have done that in Iwo and not in Osogbo,” he said.

“I personally initiated the peace meeting in which I involved the AIG when those kings refused to desist from land grabbing despite my several warnings and advice.”

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