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Profile Of Louis, Contestant In The 2020 ‘Ultimate Love’ Reality Show


Biography of Louis, a contestant in the first edition of the ‘Ultimate Love’ Nigeria reality show.

  • Louis

33-year-old Louis is one of the Housemates who has come into the House with his vibes – Meet him

Louis is a full-blown man full of vibe, lover of tradition and someone who respect his culture.

Though Loius has a special believe and love for culture, he is also the modern-day kind of person who believes roles should be equally shared in a relationship.

To Louis, having a connection is very important, “a relationship can be judged in the beginning whether it’s for keeps or not,”  he noted.

Speaking about love, the 33-year old revealed that when his longest relationship of three came to an end, he had no regrets; nor did he harbour any feelings of resentment, because he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the relationship.