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Biafra: IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu Apologizes To Nigerian Children (See Why)


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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has apologized to Nigerian children after his initial outburst in which he threatened to go after the children of Ene Okon, the Abia State Commissioner of Police.

It will be recalled that Kanu’s outburst came after threats by the Police chief to arrest IPOB members that attend the planned burial ceremony of Nnamdi Kanu’s parents.

In response, the IPOB leader threatened to go after children of Okon and those of other Nigerian government officials if the threats are carried out.

However, Kanu has now retracted his words and acknowledged that he was wrong by threatening the children.

He said this in a series of tweets on his Twitter account on Wednesday which reads:

“This Friday, mourners in Biafra will come together to attend the funeral for my beloved parents, Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and Ugoeze Sally Nmenme Kanu.”

“During this time of mourning, the Indigenous People of #Biafra are living in a constant state of fear.

“The Abia State Commissioner of Police is threatening to disrupt the funeral and there continues to be a large military presence in the area, which has a history of inflicting violence against the #IPOB.

“This has caused a range of emotions for me. I have now gone from an extreme sense of sadness after losing both of my parents, to an extreme sense of anger knowing that the mourners are in grave danger.”

“In this time of immense grieving and anger, I made threats against the children of the Police Commissioner and other Nigerian officials on my radio program, Radio Biafra.

“This was wrong and I sincerely apologize. Children should always be off limits.

“It was my intention to bring global awareness to the threats and imminent danger the Government has placed on my family and community in hopes that shining a global spotlight on the actions of the Government will prevent them from inciting violence against my people.

“In doing so, I went too far.

“It is my great hope that the Indigenous People of Biafra can mourn in peace on Friday and can live in peace every single day forward.”

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