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US Presidential: Results Of Iowa Caucus Pending




Iowa Caucus: Pending the results of this first Democratic caucus which kicks off the presidential campaign.

The results of the Iowa caucus, held on Monday evening, are pending. The democratic party explains having computer problems and evokes “inconsistencies” in the compilation of the results of the vote of the approximately 1,700 assemblies where the voters gathered to designate their candidate.

The biggest confusion reigns in Iowa after the Democratic caucus, reports our special envoy, Anne Corpet. This is a serious malfunction which is likely to damage the image and perhaps even the cohesion of the Democratic Party: a problem with the application designed to manage the counting of votes prevents any publication of the results. The party does not give any clear explanation but firmly excludes any hacking.

In 2016, from 10 p.m. on the evening of the Desmoines vote, the party announced 90% of the results. This time, we will have to wait until the day after the election, but no time has been specified.


The republican camp was engulfed in the breach, ironic about the “rigging” of the ballot, an accusation rejected by the Democrats.

Pete Buttigieg and Sanders confident

Two candidates are already claiming victory. Bernie Sanders announces ahead of Pete Buttigieg. His campaign team published his own partial data covering 40% of the polling stations on the night of Monday to Tuesday. They place him in the lead with 28.62% before Pete Buttigieg (25.71%) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (18.42%), also on the left of the party.


Pete Buttigieg had already announced his victory. ” We are victorious in New Hampshire. Tonight Iowa has chosen a new path, “said the young mayor of South Bend, Indiana, during the night. New Hampshire is the state where the next Democratic primary will be held on February 11.

A speech that suggests that Peter Buttigieg has indeed delighted the largest number of delegates. But which has no statistical value, recalls our special envoy, even if indeed in the caucus where RFI was Monday evening, in a rather moderate suburb of Desmoines, it is indeed Mayor Pete as it is called here who won the highest number of votes. He got twice as much as Joe Biden.


Joe Biden, however the favorite of the polls at the national level, appears as the loser of this caucus. ” The application supposed to transmit the results of the caucuses to the party did not work, as did the emergency telephone system ,” protested his campaign team, which asked for ” explanations “.

Before the election, Senator Sanders led the polls in Iowa, a small rural state, and the first to nominate his presidential candidates. Joe Biden was ranked second in voting intentions, followed by the ex-mayor of a municipality in Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, then senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, out of a total of eleven candidates still in the running.

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