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I Know An Ex-Governor Who Had An Assassin Squad- Femi Falana



Falana, sowore

Nigerian Governors Might Abuse Creation Of State Police – Falana Reveals How

One of Nigeria’s most respected and recognized lawyers, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) has dropped a bombshell allegation against a former Nigerian governor.

Naija News Understands that the human rights lawyer and activist while speaking as a guest speaker at the University of Ibadan said that he knew a former governor in one of the South-West states who had a killer squad.

He added that the former governor’s killer squad was run by a police officer, who was the Chief Security Officer to the said governor. He said one of those killed by the killer squad was “a World Bank expert,”

He said, “Many citizens are opposed to the creation of state police for the fear that it may be used to haunt political opponents of some state governors. I know a state governor in the South-West who once had a killer squad headed by his Chief Security Officer, a police officer. “One of the unarmed citizens mowed down by the illegal squad was a World Bank expert. All efforts to prosecute the suspects have been frustrated by the state government.

Speaking further on the need to be careful in the creation of State Policing as he did not name the former governor in question, revealed that the security outfit was likely to become a tool in the hands of sitting governors

The story is the same in a few other states in the country. To that extent the fear of the possible manipulation of state police is genuine.

“To avoid a situation whereby abuse of police powers is decentralized, any security service established by state governments should be democratically controlled. The service will be founded by the state governments and superintended by an independent state police council of five members. The members of the council should be accredited representatives of the state government, labour, women, youths and the business community.

“The service will police the state and see to the enforcement of all the laws enacted by the House of Assembly. The success of the civilian Joint Task Force in the counter-insurgency operations in Borno State has proved that the best way to police a country is to recruit, train and equip young men and women to operate in their own communities.

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