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Corruption: Gov. Bala Of Bauchi Reveals What He Will Do To His Predecessor



Bauchi Chief Of Staff Resigns, Replacement Announced

Bala Mohammed, whose victory was recently affirmed as the elected Governor of Bauchi State, has disclosed on Wednesday what he will do to his predecessor if he is found wanting on the state misuse of funds.

Naija News understands that Bala revealed his mind to newsmen at the state government house that he will make sure he spares no one found guilty of misappropriation of the state fund, even if it’s his predecessor, Alhaji Abubakar.

According to the Governor in a chart with some newsmen on Wednesday, he said that he will not spare his predecessor, Alhaji Muhammed Abubakar if found guilty of misappropriation of the state funds while in office.

“I have always drawn a line but in the course of governance, if I find that there is anywhere the government and people of Bauchi have been shortchanged, I won’t let it go because nobody spared me when I left FCT. I was the most investigated person in Nigeria and I dare anybody to tell me any account where I kept the money which warranted that investigation.” He said.

Bala while reacting to the court case which challenged his victory as the governor of Bauchi said “its a great distraction.”

“The court processes were great distractions, to me, they were uncalled for. I wouldn’t have dislodged him if not for the will of God and the mandate given to me by the people. I didn’t have the wherewithal that was why I consider it very painful. But painful as it was, I am ready to forgive because that is the expression of democracy.”

He further gives assurance that the state local government elections will be conducted within the next six months.

“We have already laid down our agenda for the state in terms of developmental plans and we have our executive council in place. Next week, we will have a retreat with all our political appointees and we want to enshrine democracy.

“In the next four to six months, we will hold local government election in the state so that the common man will be able to have a choice, and we will do that with minimal cost not, in the way it was done in the past. It was a process of defrauding the people of Bauchi State.

“We will do everything possible to make a difference; we will do everything possible to set a new epoch of doing things. We will be transparent and we want you to be telling us the truth, not to be praise-singing because that has been the problem of leadership.” the governor said.

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