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Reno Omokri Warns Couples About The ‘New Style Of Adultery’ In Town



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Omokri Releases Another Relationship Nugget

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide during the Goodluck Jonathan administration has warned that cheating goes beyond sleeping with another person other than one’s spouse.

According to him, any situation that prioritizes a third party over one’s partner can be conveniently categorized as cheating.

He listed cases of respecting and obeying one’s pastor, in-laws or a friend above his or her spouse and in ways that undermine such partners as matters that can be termed as adultery.

He wrote: “Adultery is not only when you have extramarital intercourse. As a married person, when you honour, respect and obey your pastor, in law or friend above your spouse, you adulterate your marriage and undermine spousal unity. 2 is company. 3 is a crowd.”

“You are offered a job, you go and consult your friend before your spouse. You don’t honour your husband, but you kneel down to talk to your pastor on the phone. Your parents and siblings know things before your spouse. Are you really married or is your spouse just a convenience?
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