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Iran Vs US: 63 Canadians Die In Plane Crash In Tehran



More than 60 Canadians died in the crash of the Ukrainian plane in Tehran that crashed on Wednesday.

Of the 176 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines, which was on its way to Kyiv, Ukraine, none survived. Among them were 63 Canadians and 82 Iranians. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaïk also said that 11 Ukrainians including two passengers and nine crew members, ten Swedes, four Afghans, three Germans and three British lost their lives.

The plane crashed a few minutes after takeoff, about 45 km northwest of the airport, Ukraine International Airlines confirmed in a statement. A maintenance operation was carried out on the aerial vehicle on January 6, two days before the accident.

All flights to Tehran are currently suspended, the airline said.

The aircraft took off at 6:10 a.m. local time, southwest of Tehran. It then disappeared from radar.

Rescue teams have traced the two black boxes of the plane, according to civil aviation in the Iranian capital. An engine failure is believed to be the cause, the Ukrainian Embassy in Iran first claimed, then changed its mind.

The hypothesis of a terrorist attack is currently excluded, it said. “I really ask everyone to refrain from speculation about the disaster,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a Facebook post.

More details will follow soon.

Source: Naija News