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Third World War: What Would Happen To Nigeria – Nnamdi Kanu



Biafra: IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu Traced To Cameroon 

Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB’s Leader has today reacted to the murder of an Iranian General, Qassem Soleimani by a United States, US, airstrike.

Soleimani is the Revolutionary Guard General and head of the elite Quds Force, and had died in the airstrike targeted at Baghdad International Airport.

Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of the Iran-backed militias in Iraq the Popular Mobilization Forces, which recently stormed the US embassy in Baghdad, was also killed in the strike.

Reacting, Kanu said Nigeria would suffer from the actions of the US

Kanu who made his opinion known in a tweet wrote: “What they failed to add to their banner is “Death to Biafra” because Judeo-Christians, especially Biafrans in Arewa core north of the British created contraption ‘Nigeria’ will bear the brunt of this US strike in Iraq as always. Britain must stop shielding terrorists in Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, the US President, Donald Trump had given insight into why Soleimani was killed by an airstrike.

Trump said Soleimani was killed because he had plans to kill lots of American citizens but was caught in the process.

Source: Naija News