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‘Buhari Will Be Impeached’, Prophet Josiah Chukwuma Releases 2020 Prophecies



'Buhari Will Be Impeached', Prophet Josiah Chukwuma Releases 2020 Prophecies

President Muhammadu Buhari may be removed from office before the end of 2020, the Presiding Pastor of Christ Foundation Miracle International Chapel in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, Prophet Josiah Onuoha Chukwuma, has said in his 2020 prophecies.

Naija News reports that Prophet Chukwuma made this known in his 2020 prophecies which he shared during an interview with the Vanguard newspaper.

According to the prophet, President Buhari can only survive the looming danger if he is able to wither the storm until the end of November 2020.

Prophet Chukwuma also urged the Senate Chief Whip, Orji Uzor Kalu and the Chairman of Air Peace Limited, Chief Allen Onyema, to act fast and save their lives and businesses from total crumble, stressing that their cases require more spiritual than the human solution.

Read the excerpt from Prophet Chukwuma’s 2020 prophecies below…

What should Nigerians expect in 2020?

I saw danger, chaos!, Buhari should be careful. If Mr. President survives what awaits him, as God showed me, from now till November ending, then he will serve out his teem. But as it stands now, Buhari would be removed either by impeachment or sickness this 2020. This is the much that I would disclose.

The President must be very careful from now till November, to avoid crashing out! If by any chance he survives the red flags ahead of him in the spiritual realm from January to November ending, then he will complete his second tenure.

God hinted that he will expose many fraudulent, fake pastors, especially ritualists parading themselves as men of God. The same fate awaits occult politicians, except if they repent, as God warned that the power of the kingdoms that they have rested their fate in will disappoint many of them. Many politicians will lose what they have in 2020. Let them return to God and be saved.

There would be more difficulties in 2020. Let Nigerians pray for God’s mercy, that God may help the country and her citizens. Except by God’s mercy, there is danger ahead and things would get worse for the country.

Politicians beware! Many politicians, who feel that they have amassed enough wealth would become hungry. Many politicians will go to prison and baring any divine intervention we already have the list of those that may likely join former Abia State governor at the correctional centre, and they will end up losing virtually all that they have.

I saw the (All Progressive Congress) APC riddled with immense explosive crisis. I saw the party going into shambles as a result of uncontrollable squabbles that would make some party chieftains to start exposing their dirty secret deals in APC, to the public.

I see Nigeria being attacked if care is not taken! I saw a severe outbreak of dire internal crisis which some alien fighters capitalised on to attack the country. The external fighters came through one of the opposing groups.

The way out is that Nigerians should turn to God. God is angry with Nigerian leaders because countless innocent lives being wasted on daily basis are crying for vengeance. Let our leaders do the right thing. Over 80 percent of various calibers of Nigerian leaders are evil, diabolic and they operate under evil influence.

I saw more religious crisis and more Christian killings in the country. Christians should be fervent in prayer. I saw killer Muslims rising against Christians; I saw increased attacks on Christians in parts of the country. I saw some elements attempting to Islamize Nigeria. But God said that such attempt would fail. But it’s failure will them prompting more attack on Christians. Let our leaders do good, be humane and turn to God; let Nigerians, Christians especially, be prayerful and alert. That’s the way out.

How do you see the current travails of Chief Allen Onyema and Senator Orji Uzor Kalu?

Kalu’s problem is more spiritual than physical. His present predicament is just a tip of what awaits him spiritually. The former governor really needs God’s mercy. If he does not take urgent steps to repair rise in his leaking roof, his house will crumble irredeemably. Mark my words! Thus said the Lord, God of Hebrew: there shall be no remedy for him, except he heeds this prophetic injunction urgently.

And as for Allen Onyema, he played into the hands of strong politicians. His case is that when a child loses his guardian, the child should run back to the house. Chief Onyema’s guardian, who had been interceding for him and guiding him and covering him, like an umbrella, is no more and he has to be careful. The kingmakers had read a different meaning from his rare show of kindness when he brought Nigerians back from South Africa, during the xenophobic crisis.

Are you angry with the Senator?

Yes, I am because I warned him! Look, during the 2019 general election, I told an influential traditional ruler, from Enugu State (names withheld), Kalu’s close friend, that this would happen to him. The monarch had requested that I should pray for the former Governor, and after the prayer, I told him that Orji would win the election but that he would not achieve his main aim of joining APC. I told him, point-blank, to inform Orji Kalu that he would be used and abandoned in APC. The traditional ruler is alive, you can go and ask him.

I also asked him to tell Kalu that if care was not taken, that he would end up in jail and made to pay all the money that he was being prosecuted for. I had explained to the king that what Kalu had anchored his trust on would fail him. The traditional ruler later told me that the former governor does not regard such a message from men of God. So, the problem with Nigerian politicians is that many of them rest their trust in all sorts of ephemeral powers which usually disappoint them in the end.

You said that Kalu’s travail is more spiritual than physical?

The Lord said that the politician is aware that he had extremely sinned against God. God said that there is something precious to Him that Kalu had handed over to the devil. May what I saw that may befall the politician not come to pass. God said that what the Senator had trusted on was waning away. Let the man act fast and save himself and his economic and political status from crumbling. The former governor must seek urgent spiritual help because, it may be difficult for him to pull through what awaits him.

I have been warning Nigerian politicians to turn to God. Satan does not give anything free; evil gifts usually end in regrets. Only the power of God and divine blessing lasts. How many politicians do you see their children naturally and genuinely replacing after they die?

That is because they commit all manner of evil to gain power and to retain it, thereby blocking the future of their children. What politicians do not know is that no evil power could compare with the measure of power that comes from God, which are even easier to maintain and more secure. If you visit families of most politicians, you would see manifestations of negative effects of evil.

Why acquire the kind of wealth and political power that would expire and waste away after your death?

Many politicians in this country are living with one chronic or terminal disease or the other. Many of them either have disfigured children or experience other turbulences that they are managing secretly. But when God blesses you, He will keep you and preserve the blessing.

What should Senator Kalu do to receive God’s mercy and liberation?

Let him seek divine help. He should know what to do. His liberation would require a process. There is still a window for him to receive God’s help. He knows what he did, he should look for true men of God for help.

What is your view about President Donald Trump’s recent impeachment?

The people that want Trump out are those that do not mean well for America. During the Presidential election process that produced Trump, some US-based Nigerians called me to ask about the outcome. There was a debate and I told them that Trump would not just win party nomination but that he would beat Hilary Clinton at the main polls, in a surprising manner. One Sister Nonye, a nurse, and others wanted to bet on it for $1000. I explained to them that the Lord said that He was bringing Trump to save America return the country and bring the country back to God.

I also told them that Trump Presidency would face a lot of turbulence and that he would need to control his mouth and talk less. So, when this impeachment threat came up, they called again and I told them that I saw trump being impeached but that he would not be removed. So, the US President still needs to guard his utterances.

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Trump’s removal would leave a calamitous effect on America which would be difficult to manage. The man is on the throne to fulfill the will of God. A lot of things had gone wrong in America and Trump is determined to reverse such errors. It is unfortunate that people now admire sin more than righteousness, which is the same thing that we are suffering in Nigeria.

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