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How Man Was Killed By His Friend Just After Eating Together In Kwara State



Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)‘s former staff, Ibrahim Ajayi Allah has been killed by his friend just after a meal.

Allah was said to have relocated from Ogidi in Kogi state to Oke-Oyi near Ilorin in Kwara, after the decline in his business.

According to a close friend of the deceased, Allah acquired eight hectares of land at Oke-Oyi, where he developed a close relationship with the man suspected to have killed him.

“He was always going in and out with the guy. In fact on the day of the murder, they were together and had lunch together before my friend was savagely axed to death at about 5pm,” Allah’s friend told newsmen.

He noted that Allah’s phone and other personal belongings were found in the suspects’ house.

The deceased wife, Modinat, who is based in Abuja, appealed to the police to ensure that justice is served in order not to let her husband die in vain.

She claimed that before he was murdered, she spoke with her husband on daily basis.

“He usually calls me in the morning. He called me on Friday morning. When I didn’t get his call on Saturday morning, I called his lines and none were reachable. Later, one rang and someone picked it and said my husband had an accident and that his phone was with the police and they asked me to come there. I linked them to my husband’s brother in Ilorin before I arrived there,” Modinat said.

She said when she arrived around 8pm, she was told that he is in the hospital and was eventually told he was dead when she asked to see him

“A farmer suspected something and called the local vigilante group who reported to the police. When the police came, they saw his car and his phone. That was how I was able to call his number.”

She said the police identified the suspect as one Waheed whom her husband was close to in his lifetime.

“I saw the suspect, his name is Waheed. He actually confessed to committing the crime. I asked him what my husband did to him and he said nothing, that he did not know what came over him. He said my husband used to help him and even promised to buy him a car,” she said.

She said her husband used to squat with the suspect because he was new there having arrived just arrived six months ago.

She further noted that they used to stay together and go to the farm together until he got his own apartment two months ago.

Modinat said the police found a machete stained with her husband’s blood and his phone were found in his house adding that he also had wounds on his body and that was how they knew that he was the one who killed him.

The Oke-Oyi police said they were going to transfer the case to a bigger police station. They had already brought the documents when I was there but since then, I have not heard anything. He has already confessed that he killed my husband and I just want justice. It may be that there are other people involved in the killing.

“I asked for my husband’s body because it was already decomposing and we buried him on Monday.”

Kwara police command’s spokesman, , Ajayi Jeffery, confirmed the incident to newsmen but refused to go into details.

He only said a suspect had been arrested and investigation was ongoing.

“Yes, I am aware of that incident. We have a suspect arrested already and intensive investigation is going on. At the appropriate time, people will be informed of the outcome of our investigation,” Jeffery said.

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