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YouTube To Ban Video That Are Racist, Sexist And Promotes Hate Speech



YouTube has announced that henceforth any content that is racist, sexist and promotes any form of hate speech would be banned.

According to CBS News, YouTube will now remove any videos that hurl insults at people based on race, gender expression, sexual orientation or other “protected attributes.

It said it would also ban any content containing veiled threats of violence.

YouTube further announced that it would henceforth, penalize channels that are guilty of repeatedly harassing others in videos.

It said such channels would be “demonetize” by turning off any ad revenue those videos would normally generate for their creators.
The comment section on YouTube is also not left out. YouTube’s comment section is also getting a fresh set of new guidelines. A new comment review tool will be available to video owners that will allow them to, by default, hold back comments the company’s algorithms have flagged as potentially inappropriate until creators have reviewed them. The setting can be turned off by creators at any time.


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