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How To Start A Fashion Design Company In Nigeria



Fashion Design Companies in Nigeria … The fashion design business is a lucrative business that, on a small scale, can get you to meet a millionaire within a specific time frame. Yes, I think so. By investing in the small fashion design business today, you can reach the level of creators mentioned earlier in the next few years.

How to Create a Fashion Creation Company in NigeriaHow to Create a Fashion Creation Company in Nigeria
Fashion design is a company in Nigeria with a record of high performers, both past and present, and cheaper to start their own fashion business with little capital and stress.

Get professional training in fashion design.

The training allows you to know everything about the design and sewing of clothing, as well as the manufacture of other objects because fashion is much more than clothes. Do your research, check out reputable fashion institutes that are affordable and give classes in the exact field you want to go to.

To be a successful fashion designer, you need to have a thorough knowledge of how to assemble pieces of fabric or pieces of leaders to create a good fashion. To learn this, you need to take training at any fashion design institute. The training period is usually 6 months to 15 months. You must learn how to operate a sewing machine, cut the fabric to fit, etc.

Get your capital.

A fashion company can start well and you may not need a lot of money at first, but you still need a small fund to buy the equipment and tools you need for your job . Your savings and the contributions of your family and friends are a good place to start. However, if you want to start your business on a larger scale, you can develop a business plan and look for microfinance banks around you.

Get a good location.

A fashion business may be small enough to start at home, but as the business grows, you’ll need more space and extra space for a cloakroom, legroom and even bigger sewing machines that you’ll probably need. . When you choose your location, you can start with a space 2 or get a large space and partition it according to the number of rooms you want for different uses.

Buy equipment for fashion design.

Some of the equipment needed in small-scale fashion creation companies include the following:


  • Needles: Needles are used with thread to sew clothes.
  • President: You need chairs for you and your clients.
  • Band Rule: The tape measure is used to measure the precise size. For example, you will need to measure your client’s height, height, hips, length, and so on. How to measure your customer accurately is part of what you will be taught at the training institute.
  • Two or three pairs of scissors: This is used to cut clothes.
  • Topics: You will have to buy different colors of thread. This thread is mainly used with needles to sew clothes.
  • Table: You need a table of different sizes to cut clothes.
  • A complete set of sewing machine: The sewing machine is used to attach clothes.
  • A weaving machine: You need this machine to perfect your sewing, this perfection makes your sewing very neat.
  • Embroidery Machine: An embroidery machine is used to create patterns on clothing.
  • Generator: A generator of about 10 KVA to power your equipment in case of power failure.


Create a label.

Although your label is probably not as coveted as some, you need to create a label that identifies the designs as such and sets them apart. Highlight your company name on this label to begin strengthening your brand recognition.

Hold a fashion show.

Organize a show at a local venue or ask for a place in a big fashion show. At the show, post some of your most beautiful looks and give customers a taste of what you have to offer.

Sell ​​your products.

Submit your products for sale immediately after your fashion show so that interested consumers can take them immediately. Sell ​​your products independently, by working directly with consumers, or sell them to shops and stores that resell your looks to their buyers.

Respond to criticism.

Your first attempts to create fashion will probably not be without fault. When you receive reviews, use it as a learning tool and make changes to your line to correct perceived problems.

Take pictures of models wearing your creations.

Create a look book for yourself, featuring your best work. You will probably start this process during your schooling and can then simply continue after finishing, updating this book to look regularly with these, you are ready to be a fashion designer in Nigeria.

To succeed, you will need to learn how to run your fashion business, market your products, and satisfy your customers. Here are some basics to get you started in the garment and fas