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Lady Deforms Her Friend Face Over #950



A  Nigerian girl in Umuahia, Abia State, is on the run after she allegedly disfigured her friend’s face over a sum of N950 change.

It was gathered that on Friday, 28th November 2019, miss Chikaodi Umeh, and her friend Onyinyechi Abaruo went out drinking with their male friend after awhile the male friend decided to leave the ladies while Chikaodi pleaded him to give her some money to buy more drinks. The guy then gave Chikaodi the sum of N2000 and left.

Naija news learnt that Chikaodi bought another 5 bottles of beer which amounted to N1,050 and was left with N950 which she decided to keep but her friend Onyinyichi got angry and questioned why Chikaodi would keep the money to herself. This resulted in a dispute and later a fight between them.

After the fight, Chikaodi left but forgot her body lotion on the table. She later called their other friend, Nene, who invited Onyinyechi in the first place, to please help her bring the lotion to kano street, Uzoakoli road, Umuahia.

However, while waiting for Nene to arrive, Onyinyechi stormed the place in a tricycle and told her friend that she is going to disfigure her fine face then she brought out a sharp object and attacked her, leaving her in the pool of blood and fleed in the tricycle.


Source: Naija News