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Nigerian Artist,Amanam Creates Realistic Human Body Parts



Nigerian artist, John Amanam, has used his creative sculptor craft to solve a real-life problem as he recently launched his hypa-realistic prosthesis for people who have lost their body parts.

Amanan who is a graduate of Fine and Industrial Art from the University of Uyois the first Nigerian to produce hypa-realistic prosthesis.

speaking with a reporter on the great achivement , he said that he could make a replica of any lost body part ranging from ears, nose, arms, fingers, toes and even legs.

He also said that he matches any skin colour to suit his clients’ specifications and makes artificial hair for bald persons.

In his words, “Art has been my passion. I am always not satisfied; I am always trying to discover things that other people have not done to solve human problems. I do a lot of researches and they have led me to many great pieces. This cosmetic art is my latest discovery.

“Though this product is still subject to improvement, so far, it has been medically approved for patients who are in need of body part replacements. I have been to many hospitals and the product has been highly accepted because the materials used in producing it is also medically approved,” he said.

It costs between $10,000 and $100,000 to get prosthetic limbs anywhere in the world, but Amanam said his clients can pay as low as N250,000 for artificial legs or arms and a sum of N35,000 for other minor body parts.

Source: Naija News

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