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Witchcraft Conference: Organisers Asks Nigerians To Relax, Explains the Truth Behind the Conference



Since the news of a planned conference on Witcraft, set to hold on the 26th and 27th of November emerged, there has been a uproar; with many Nigerians including students, clamour for the halt of any plans been put towards the conference.

However, an interview with Mr. Chidi Ugwu, a lecturer who is one of those planning the conference, has revealed what the conference is about.

According to him, contrarily to insinuations, the event has nothing to do with actual “ witchcraft

He said the conference is strictly an academic exercise and is being organised to interrogate what people associate with witchcraft.

“If you have heard that we are calling for a meeting of witches and wizards in UNN, that is not true,” he told newsmen

We want to interrogate the various things people think is witchcraft, the things people think are caused by witchcraft, the blames people give to witchcraft and the different practices in different parts of the world that are related to witchcraft.

“We will also look at the implications; the social implications of some of these beliefs that people have and the social manifestations of what people think when they say this is a witch or wizard.

“We are not calling a conference for people to die and go to the spirit world to know whether there are witches or not.”

The keynote speaker at the conference is the  former vice-chancellor of Benue State University, David Ker, while P. J. Ezeh and Damian Opata, two professors at the university, will present the leader paper.

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