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Meghan Markle Would Like To Settle Issue Of Her Nationality As Soon As Possible



In May 2018, Meghan Markle’s life changed forever after her marriage to Prince Harry. Now a full member of the British royal family and Duchess of Sussex, the former star of the Suits series has sometimes struggled to adapt to her new life and new responsibilities. During a report shot in South Africa, the mother of little Archie confided even not to go very well and have more and more difficult to withstand the flood of criticism against him.

A complex situation for Meghan and Prince Harry who decided to take time away from the hustle and bustle of the royal family by flying to the United States for a while.

A problem of nationality

But the media is not the only source of trouble for Meghan Markle who also expects for two long years to receive British nationality. According to the Mirror, she would have applied for it in November 2017, but would not receive any special treatment. Suddenly, the wait is particularly long and sometimes even seems endless for the 38-year-old mother who would like to withdraw a worry of the head.

But for the moment, patience is the only remedy.