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Balarabe Speaks On What Will Happen If Nigeria Eventually Splits



Buhari, APC And PDP All Incompetent - Balarabe Musa

A former Governor of Kaduna State, Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, has stated that If Nigeria should break up, this would not end the numerous problems being faced by the country.

He noted that the region would suffer from the same problems it is trying to escape.

Balarabe said the only way to solve the problems in the country is to change the social, political and economic systems that have thwarted all good developments in the country.

He spoke with newsmen saying all the political leadership foisted by the system should be changed.

He said “That is how Nigeria is running on. You cannot do anything about this because this system has produced a leadership that is not concerned with the welfare of the people.

He said the system is concerned with the perpetuation of power and worsening the problems which were created by it.

The elderstatesman noted that everyone is after monetary gains only, so as to get money – power.

The pursuit and ugly use of money have arrested the brains of people and development.

“The only way out is to change the system and the political leadership it produced.

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