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Angelina Jolie Attaches Importance To “Difference And Diversity”



The 44-year-old actress strongly criticized labels such as “perfect mom” or “perfect woman” because she does not like putting people in boxes.

When asked whether the idea of ​​perfection has an impact on women’s lives, Angelina – who is the mother of Maddox, 18, Pax 15, Zahara 14, Shilo 13, and twins Knox and Vivienne of 11 years with her ex-husband Brad Pitt – said: “Put labels on people and place them in boxes, that does not represent a sense of freedom. The difference and diversity, It’s very important – whether it’s in my family or in others – I do not want to live in a world where everyone is alike, and I guess people will agree with me reading that.

“I want to meet people I have never met before to discover new things, the challenge nowadays is to accept our differences, and not to be misled by people who We strive to divide or rise against each other, and on a global scale, these values ​​begin to disappear, and fewer and fewer governments are fighting for the kind of values ​​that the older generations fought for and risked. “When governments go backwards, people need to be heard because they all live in different places around the world.”

The star of the movie ‘Evil: The Power of Evil’ also wants women to live their lives fully.

Angelina admits she has a “freedom” that other women do not have, but she wants to encourage them no matter what.

She told Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “It’s really hard to live life to the full, and for many women it’s impossible because they face insoluble problems, I’m aware that I can talk freely and make my own choices, and I have the opportunity to encourage my children to explore the world, including the world of ideas and expression, with no limits to what they want to study or I think we all recognize the audacity when we see it, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone be himself, with his own style and character, whatever they are. “