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Trump Reacts As Lawmakers Commence Impeachment Process Against Him



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The threat by the United States Democratic party to work tenaciously towards impeachment of  President Donald Trump seems to be coming into reality as the congress gave the approval for the impeachment process.

Naija News understands that the approval was given as the lawmakers voted for the next stage which includes a public hearing on how Trump attempted to have Ukraine investigate a domestic political rival, Joe Biden.

According to the report gathered, the Democratic-controlled House voted almost entirely along party lines – 232 to 196 – to move the probe forward in Congress, which could damage Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election. The vote demonstrated unity among Democrats who accused Trump of abusing his office and jeopardizing national security.

However, the embattled US President Donald Trump has reacted to the impeachment probe.

In his reaction on his twitter handle, trump called the probe the “Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!”

Trump’s tweet came seconds after the lower house of Congress voted overwhelmingly, but almost entirely along party lines, to set out the rules for the process expected to lead to passing articles of impeachment.

The Republican lawmakers also berated the action of the democrats for filling for the impeachment of President Trump.

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