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Politician Tied To A Car, Dragged Through The Streets (See Why)



A Mexican mayor has been tied to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged through the streets for failing on his campaign promises.

In a CCTV footage that is currently circulating on the social media, Las Margaritas’ mayor, Jorge Luis Escandon Hernande was seen being pulled through the streets by residents after they accused him of not fulfilling the promises he made during the election.

The police eventually stopped the Toyota pickup truck Hernande was being dragged with and freed him.

However, a local media outlet has said that Hernande only sustained minor injuries and even delivered a speech afterward.

Hernandez’s promises had included that he would reconstruct a local road and bring drinking water and electricity to the community of roughly 500 people.

Municipal authorities have accused the mob of attempted kidnapping, and at least 30 people were detained, with 20 injured.

See the video footage below:

YouTube video