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The Jonas Brothers Were Inspired To Get Back Together By A Bunch Of “College-Age Guys”.



The ‘Cool’ hitmakers have revealed it was a Twitter exchange between a group of young men, which encouraged them to get back together as a band.

Now Nick thinks there is a whole new group of fans “who actually were embarrassed to like the Brothers at a certain point in their life and now they can actually just enjoy it”.

Joe, Nick and Kevin had to learn to “be a family again” after years of feuding following the band’s split years ago.

Nick said: “It got us to a point where I think we realised we had to learn how to be a family again. So once we were able to … realise that we really do love spending time together, separate to our work and all that we were doing, there was a real joy there, real happiness.

We think the solo efforts that I made and Joe’s work with DNCE and Kevin’s time focusing on family life, we were able to find ourselves to be able to come back and fuse all that happiness into the music itself. [The sound] had to be authentic to me, and it had to be similar to Joe’s work with DNCE, which was his most authentic self, and then Kevin’s influence is really the glue that holds everything together.”

And Joe admits he was the last of the three to get on board.
Speaking at the Grammy Museum, he added: “It took me a little while, but luckily I was figuring out, doing something on my own with DNCE was really special. Coming back around, I was like, ‘I’m good. I don’t need to do this thing that we said no to anymore.’ There was too much in the closet, and I feel like for us, we didn’t really want to work through all that stuff. All that said, the doc has been a really helpful tool for us.”