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Cameron Vs Jonathan: Racist Ex-UK PM Spewing Venomous Foibles – Fani-Kayode



EFCC Drags Fani-Kayode Before Lagos Court

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has described ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, as a vain, arrogant, racist and pompous man.

The Chieftian of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was reacting to allegations levelled against former President Goodluck Jonathan by the former UK PM.

Naija News reports that David Cameron had accused Jonathan of preventing British forces from rescuing abducted Chibok Girls.

In his recently published memoir, ‘For the Record’, Cameron, who was in office at the time of the abduction, said Jonathan was “sleeping on the wheel” while terrorists were busy abducting schoolgirls in Chibok.

According to the former UK Prime Minister, British troops traced the location of some of the girls and offered to help but President Jonathan refused.

Reacting in a post on his Twitter page on Sunday, Fani-Kayode asked Cameron to clean up the mess he created with BREXIT.

Fani-Kayode wrote: “The David Cameron who said Jonathan was “sleeping on the wheel” is the same David Cameron who said Nigerians are “fantastically corrupt”.

“What makes this notorious, vain,arrogant,racist and pompous Englander believe he can get away with spewing such venomous foibles and indulging in such falsehood and mendacity.

“He should clean up the BREXIT mess he created in his own country rather than poke his big and unwelcome nose in the affairs of ours.

“Nigeria stopped being a colony of the British 59 years ago. We reject his stereotypical labels and his asinine, jaundiced, absurd and outlandish assertions.

“The Nigerian people are honorable, courageous, decent, diligent, kind, civilised, industrious, resilient, loyal, tolerant, accomodating, honest, God-fearing and hard-working people.

“We are not “fantastically corrupt” and we will no longer tolerate his condescending and downright insulting vituperations.

“When you consider world history you will agree with me that it was not the Nigerian people that enslaved, pillaged, robbed, slaughtered, subjugated, oppressed, humiliated and destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people and a quarter of the world’s population at the twilight of its accursed empire. It was the British.

“We dont need lessons about corruption, how to drive at the wheel or anything else from such people.”

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