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Lawmaker Caught On Tape Having Sex With Colleague




Councillor Caught Having Sex With Ward Member

A video of a South African lawmaker having sex with a ward committee member in a tavern has gone viral on the internet.

The video shows South Africa’s African National Congress Councillor identified as Lawrence Seloane and a ward committee member having sex.

The ward committee member has also been identified as Tshepiso Maloka.

The name and location of the tavern could however not be identified from the video.

The lawmaker could be heard saying: “Ayeye! Etsa wena!” (Do me) even as the woman looked back and smiled.

However reacting to the video on Facebook, the ANC Councillor said the footage was taken from a lost or stolen phone, adding that he’s not bothered about the incident and owes no one an explanation for consensual sex.

“If there is anyone who thinks I owe them an explanation for video footage that was taken (from a lost or stolen phone) some time ago, and is making the rounds, involving myself and a female colleague, such person o hambe wrong-o!” he said.

“If this was meant to dampen my spirit as both a person and councillor, Aowa! I’m still standing as a tried-and-tested product of the ANC Youth League.

“Neither one of us has or will commit suicide for something as natural as consensual sexual intercourse” he said.

Emfuleni municipal speaker, Maipato Tsokolibane who also reacted to the leaked sex tape, said the act happened between two consenting adults.

Tsokolibane, however, added that the video will be further investigated to determine if the duo violated their code of professional conduct.

“These are adults in their private space. If they were kids, we’d condemn it. We don’t know how the video was created. You might find the two were dating and someone is trying to destroy someone.

“I understand the woman is a ward committee member. We also have a code of conduct for them. We’re going to investigate further,” she said.

As a policy, this online platform, Naija News, however, is unable to publish the video.