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Angry Mob Burn Three Suspected Kidnappers To Death In Abuja




Jungle Justice For Suspected Kidnappers

Some suspected kidnappers met their untimely death in Abuja on Monday when they were burnt to death by an angry mob.

Naija News understands three suspected kidnappers were burnt to death at the Dutse Alhaji area in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

Information gathered revealed the suspects were three young men and a female victim, who has been rushed to Kubwa General Hospital for treatment.

A Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) officer, Mr. Aminu Umar, told NAN at the scene of the incident that the incident happened at about 8:00a.m. when a lady inside moving vehicle was heard shouting for help.

“The lady was suddenly pushed out of the vehicle while screaming. A motorist, who saw what had happened, pulled over in front of the vehicle and blocked it under the Dutse Bridge.

“From there, Okada riders (motorcyclists) surrounded the vehicle and told them to come out.

“They asked them if the vehicle was one chance (kidnappers) and the next thing, they started beating them and eventually put fire on them and the vehicle,” he said.

Similarly, Mr. Sylvanus Ekpenyong, Route Commander, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) noted that some people alerted his men who were on duty at Dutse about the incident.

“We were at Dutse junction and we got information that there was traffic building up before the Dutse Bridge because a vehicle was on fire.

“We rushed down there to clear the road only to see three dead burnt bodies and a burnt vehicle.

“When we made inquiries from eye witnesses, they said it was one chance (kidnappers).

“So we are here to ensure free traffic flow of vehicles but we don’t know the exact group of people who burnt them,” he said.

Mr. Aliyu Mohammed, a motorcyclist who also happened to be an eye witness said the suspected kidnappers were burnt to death by some angry motorcyclists because it was clear they were kidnappers as described by the victim.

Mohammed also expressed hope that Monday’s incident will serve as a huge warning to all those involved in such negative activities across the nation.

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