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Northern Youths Send ‘Strong Message’ To Buhari Over ‘Rift’ With Osinbajo



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The coalition of Northern Nigerian Youth has called on Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, to stop any attempt that can lead to maltreatment or embarrassment of any kind against Yemi Osinbajo, his Vice-President.

Naija News reports that Mallam Yusuf Abdulmalik, the leader of the group, sent this message to the President on behalf of the northern youths while speaking with journalists in Kano.

The northern youths said any attempt to whittle down the influence of Osinbajo will label Buhari, and by extension, the North as ungrateful people, creating a bad image for the region to the entire world.

Abdulmalik said the Vice President who has displayed maximum loyalty to the President in his presence and absence, is the face of the Church and strength of the Yorubas as well as the South in the administration of President Buhari.

The leader of the group pleaded with President Buhari that the Vice President should never be abandoned at any time.

Speaking further, Abdulmalik stressed that the smooth relationship between Buhari and Osinbajo in the last four years has given more life to the one Nigeria spirit and should never be allowed to be destroyed by some selfish individuals hiding under the bed to stain the hard-earned integrity of the President.

The northern youths recalled how Osinbajo touched every nook and cranny of the country during the reelection campaign, preaching President Buhari’s “next level” message.

Abdulmalik described Osinbajo as an accomplished Professor of Law and a great servant of God, urging President Buhari to put a stop to any attempt to strip him of his constitutional powers in favour of anyone within or outside the government.

The northern youths called on President Buhari to do everything within his reach to protect the interests of his loyal and dependable Vice for the sake of the country.

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