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Fashola Reveals Why Bandits And Kidnappers Are On Nigerian Roads



Fashola Warns Nigerians

The Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has issued a fresh warning to Nigerians over the increased rate of killings and kidnappings on the roads.

The Minister who recently spoke while delivering a lecture at the Lagos Business School noted that Nigerians need to be careful with their lifestyle.

Fashola warned that a change in lifestyle should be considered to ward off the probability and vulnerability of becoming a target for the bandits and kidnappers.

He noted that obscene display of wealth is part of what attracts criminally minded people to some.

The minister said: “I make the point that this is not a novel crime in Nigeria.

“From when I was a child, we were reminded by our parents about the threats of kidnappers. So, what we have is a crime pattern that has come back to the front burner while cases of armed robbery at homes and banks seem to have taken a back burner.

“The question I urge all of us to ask is why has it come back? Is organised crime gathering more momentum? Is the presence of police in deterring bank robberies forcing organised criminals to re-think and re-strategize? Is the gradual reduction of cash at homes and on our persons, through greater use of bank cards and electronic wallets, making home attacks less rewarding and profitable?

“Simply put, are the criminals saying to us, if we cannot rob a bank or a home for cash, why not seize the owner of the cash (hostage-taking) and get their people to bring the cash to us?

“If this is the case, what are we doing or going to do about it? We should seriously consider and effect lifestyle changes that avoid obscene display of wealth which makes us vulnerable as potential victims.”

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