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EFCC Breaks Silence On Which Political Party It Supports In Nigeria



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EFCC Denies Politicizing Fight Against Corruption

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) has distanced itself from any form of partisanship in the fight against corruption.

The Acting Chairman of the anti-graft agency, Ibrahim Magu made the clarification at the 15th Anti-Corruption Situation Room, organized by Human Environment Development Agenda, HEDA, in Kaduna.

Magu, who was represented by Wilson Uwajaren, the commission’s spokesperson emphasized the agency is not selective in its fight against corruption.

He challenged those accusing the agency of being selective to note that ‎most of the suspected corrupt individuals arrested by the commission had never denied their involvement in the allegations against them.

“What is selective about EFCC? Have you seen anybody arrested by EFCC that didn’t know anything about the allegations against him? Have you seen one? What they will always say is that we are going after them because they are either APC or PDP.

“But for us, whether you are in Party A or B, it’s in-material because as you committed a crime, you should be prepared to answer for your crime without considering your political affiliation.‎

“So, those who are making allegations of selectivity are actually the corrupt people who want to divert attention. This is why I’m making this clarification that EFCC is not selective, ” he said.

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