Robert Mugabe: "African Hero" For The AU, End Of A Regime Of "Oppression" For The Western World | Naija News
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Robert Mugabe: “African Hero” For The AU, End Of A Regime Of “Oppression” For The Western World



Robert Mugabe at the World Economic Forum on Africa in South Africa, May 4, 2017. © Reuters
Robert Mugabe at the World Economic Forum on Africa in South Africa, May 4, 2017. © Reuters

International reactions were quick to fall following the November 21, 2017, announcement by the Zimbabwean parliament president of Robert Mugabe’s resignation, marking the end of 37 years of power.

Will resign, will not resign … The news finally fell shortly before 17:00 on Tuesday, when Jacob Mudenda, president of the Zimbabwean Parliament, announced in front of the audience of deputies present the resignation of President Robert Mugabe, in power since 1980, triggering the euphoria of the Assembly. Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former vice president whose dismissal at the beginning of November marked the beginning of the Zimbabwean political crisis, returned to Harare the next day. He has sworn in tentatively on Friday, November 24.

For nearly four decades, 37 years to be precise, the oldest head of state ever, Mugabe, reigned over Zimbabwe. While Harare cheerfully celebrated the 93-year-old president’s downfall, international reactions were not long in coming. From the United States to Britain to the African Union, international leaders reacted to the resignation of the Zimbabwean president and the new era that was opening up for the country.

“An African hero”

The Chairman of the Commission of the African Union, Moussa Faki Mahamat, said, in a statement that Mugabe will remain “the father of the independence of the Zimbabwean nation,” adding that his resignation “will enter the history “and” strengthen his political legacy “.

The statement also said Mugabe’s decision “lays the groundwork for a transition process, led by the sovereign people of Zimbabwe.”

In line with this statement, the President of Guinea and the African Union, Alpha Condé, told the microphone of France 24, his “relief” to the announcement of the departure of Robert Mugabe and his satisfaction of seeing a “political solution” to the Zimbabwean crisis.

“We must never forget that Mugabe was a very great fighter, an African hero. It’s a shame that he goes out the door and is disowned by Parliament, “he said.

Theresa May points to “the oppression that has characterized his power”

The British Prime Minister stressed that the resignation of Robert Mugabe offered Zimbabwe the opportunity to forge “a new path free from the oppression that characterized his power.”

The foreign minister of the former colonial power was more direct in his comment that he “I would not pretend to regret the fall of Mugabe” and that the United Kingdom would support the Zimbabwean people.

The US Embassy in Harare, for its part, highlighted a “historic evening for Zimbabwe,” insisting that “whatever the short-term arrangements the government will adopt, the way forward should be that of free and fair elections. equitable “.