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Watch The Moment SARS Officers Shot Two Phone Thieves Dead In Lagos




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A video has emerged on the internet, showing the moment operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) shot dead two suspected phone thieves.

Naija News understands that the SARS officers killed the two suspected phone thieves in Igando area of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city on Monday, August 20.

In the video, two of the suspects could be seen handcuffed to each other as an officer approaches with a third suspect.

The man who recorded the video is heard identifying the suspects as he gloats over their arrest.

“You go collect, you go collect,” he says, as he records the video, with a sudden gunshot a few seconds later.

In another scene, the third suspect, who was handcuffed as he reels in pain, could be seen in a yellow minibus

The SARS officers who keep threatening to kill the suspects ordered the suspects out of the bus. “Come down! Come down!” they shouted.

One of the SARS officers in the vehicle with the phone thieves could be seen pushing one of the suspects to the cops, who have taken firing squad positions.

“Leave am make I kill am,” one of the SARS officers said.

“Kunle, commot there make dem kill the idiot,” another cop said after which two gunshots followed.

“God punish you! We no dey waste time,” the killer SARS officer said.

Revealing the offences of the phone thieves, the man who recorded the video could be heard in the background, saying that the victim usually operates on Jiji, an online sales platform.

The man who recorded the video said the suspects lured their victims by promising to buy advertised phones at good prices. Afterward, he says, the men would collect the phones at gunpoint.

According to the man, “They post on Jiji that they buy phones. Then they will call you and price your phone at high price.”

He continued that the phone thieves collected N450,000 from him at gunpoint after they had priced his phone highly.

“After calling you, they will use gun to collect your phone. This happened at Igando.

“So, they collected my friend’s phone. My friend then changed his number on Jiji and posted another phone for sale.

“They called him again and he decided to go there with anti-robbery operatives to arrest them so that he could get his phone back.

“Anti-robbery got there, caught them and shot them.”

Meanwhile, as at the time of filing this report, the Police was yet to make a statement regarding the development.