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Reno Omokri Advises Christians On Burials



Reno Omokri

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has advised Christians to desist from wasting money on burials.

Omokri in his advise, said the act of wasting money on burials is not part of the Christian custom.

“A befitting burial is where you put the dead in a 6 feet hole in the ground in the presence of some of their family. That is a true Christian burial. Money should never be wasted on a burial. Spend the money on the living,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Naija News understands that he stated his position on the matter after he was criticised for saying that a Christian burial should be shorn of ostentatious spending and should occur the same day the deceased died.

A cleric had said putting people in mortuaries until one gathers enough money for a befitting burial is a good custom.

But Omokri in his reaction said the practice is not a Christian practice.

Similarly, Omokri counselled people getting married to save money for the marriage, instead of lavishing it on the wedding ceremony.

“Before you spend millions lavishly feeding guests at your wedding, make sure to save some to feed yourselves during the marriage. You will be shocked that none of those you fed on your Wedding Day will lend you money to feed during your marriage life. And note that some people only want to WED. They don’t want to MARRY. How do you identify them? They put pressure on you to PROPOSE/ACCEPT because their mates are marrying, and then make elaborate plans for the WEDDING and NO plans for the MARRIAGE.”

Omokri, who shepherds Mind of Christian Centre, has been the target of attacks recently for saying Jesus is not God.

He said his journey into the study of pre-European Christianity has made him realise the belief that “Jesus is God” is a European concept.

He said that there is a huge difference between the Bible and Scriptures, adding that Scriptures are the original scripts written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek while the Bible is a European version of the Scriptures which had been modified to suit their purposes.

He also said that the real name of the son of God is not Jesus but Yeshu’a.

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