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Picture Of President Buhari “Cleaning His Teeth”, Creates Controversy On Twitter



A photo posted on Twitter which gives the impression that Muhammadu was cleaning his teeth has been stimulating the reactions from his supporters and detractors.

No need for semiology. Everything is clear on this photo posted on Twitter. It is the president of Nigeria. Dressed in a traditional set of dazzling whiteness, Muhammadu Buhari sits in a soft armchair. As if he was watching television, as we can see in the background.

Mr President had his hand stuck to the mouth, it seems that he was in the process of cleaning his teeth,… Like after a meal. This has however generated alot of comments on Twitter.

Different Views

For his supporters, President Buhari deserves this time of rest because of the good work he does in Nigeria on the security of the country. “Truth is, Buhari has paid his due to this nation FULLY from his 20s, fought the war, faced the bullets, restored territories back to Nigeria, defended the sovereignty of Nigeria at the risk of his life with others.” enthuses Taiwo Ajakaye, a user.

Detractors took the opportunity to recall Boko Haram’s terror in northern states, the inter-communal conflict between Muslim and Christian farmers in the east and Shiite protests.

“Breaking News: Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari is capable of picking his teeth. He is extremely good doing it and we call on the terrorists, bandits, Kidnappers etc to stop abducting maiming & killing citizens and dare Buhari on teeth picking duel! That’s his level of competence.” says Aisha Yesufu, a Nigerian surfer.

Others remind the leader of his election promises in 2015 and 2019. “Buhari’s campaigned in 2015 & 2019 are based on: 1) Security, 2) Economy & 3) Corruption. See him picking his teeth after eating our free food. which of the 3 areas has he performed?” Asks Prince Gmoney Owojaiye, another Twitter user.

The Image has also generated a reaction from the Presidency, Personal Assistant to President Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmad also reacted on twitter wondering why the image was generating so much reaction on twitter.

Some reactions on Twitter