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Maraji Melts Down Twitter With Her Statement On Jesus, Allah And Other Religions



Maraji Receives Backlash For Her Instagram Post

Maraji is a popular Nigerian social media content provider well known for her hilarious comedy skits and videos, particularly on Instagram.

She, however, attracted more attention to herself when she posted a picture in which she claimed Jesus is the only way to heaven, with her picture adding that “there is no Allah, no Buddha, no Krishna, no evolution, only Jesus.

She then went ahead to share another text which quoted Voddie Baucham. It reads: “I will not violate the teaching of the text in order to somehow sound more appropriate for the culture.”

Her Instagram posts have already attracted several comments, with some condemning her post, while others claim she has done nothing wrong as she only spoke the truth from her position.

See the picture she shared on Instagram:

Maraji statement

And here are some reactions on Twitter:


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