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Junaid Mohammed Describes Sowore’s Revolution Now Movement As Meaningless



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A second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has attacked the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, over the ‘Revolution Now’ protest.

Mohammed while speaking on the movement, described the Revolution Now protest as a meaningless venture, which should be ignored.

Recall that the Department of State Services arrested the convener of the movement on Saturday having called for a revolution.

Mohammed stated that there was no motive behind the call for the protest, stressing that Sowore lacks understanding of the true meaning of revolution.

He said: “This whole call for RevolutionNow is meaningless and a charade, I think there is a sinister motive and there is a need to expose those who are behind this. The call was so quick, Sowore’s case was disposed of only last month after he went through the charade of forming a party and becoming the presidential candidate, went to Rivers to install a candidate there and within one month they have now revolved into a revolution.”

“Sowore is now the one calling for a revolution, if you call for a revolution against a state or government, it means you don’t believe in it right? And want changes by some kind of violence which is a revolution.”

“After you participate in an election and never won even a ward then you are now calling for a revolution, please who is fooling who? I think Sowore needs to go back to school and read what revolution is all about.”

“The action of this man has complicated lives of those of us who want a change of authority in this country and has also complicated life for those who genuinely would like to carry out a revolution which is not a tea party, it’s a very serious affair with life and death involved.”

“What I find funny with some of these radicals is that they don’t know the complexity of this country.”

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