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Agent Allegedly Plants Maids To Steal Employers‘ Valuables 




A 37-year-old agent identified as Francis Okputu has been arrested for allegedly duping his clients and stripping them of their valuables.

Naija News understands that Okputu is a housemaid agent who allegedly specializes in assisting people to get maids with the motive of using them to abscond with money, jewelry and other valuables.

He was arrested in Lagos after he became unsuccessful with a deal involving one of his clients in Lagos.

Naija News understands that Okputu, has been doing his business since 2003.

Luck ran out of Okputu when he planted one Joy Onoz as a Housemaid in the House of one of his clients and told her (Joy) to steal from her boss. He also ordered her to help him get her boss’ picture.

The agent told Joy to replace his boss’ gold jewelry with copper and he said he would take the picture to a prophetess with the aim of bewitching the client; this according to Okputu will make the boss not to question any of the girl’s deed after stealing her things.

Unfortunately for Agent Okputu, Joy quickly told her boss of the plans and they played along with his arrangement.

The Lady boss gave Joy some hard currencies, jewelry and her picture and told her to contact Francis.

The suspected fraudulent agent unknowingly instructed Joy to meet him at Iyana-Ipaja to handover her loots to him.

In the process of handing over, Okputu was arrested.

The arrest of the Housemaid agent followed an immediate investigation by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) who had since started visiting the locations of the Housemaids whom Okputu had installed in different states.

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