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Isilomo Reacts To Kimoprah, Ella’s Claim That Tacha Has Body, Mouth Odour




Isilomo BBNaija

Isilomo has blasted her fellow evicted housemates, Kimoprah and Ella for saying Tacha, a BB Naija housemate, has body and mouth odour.

In an Instagram live video yesterday, Isilomo shared her disgust at the claim of the two and wondered why they wanted to smear the reputation of Tacha in the eyes of Nigerians.

Recall that Kimoprah had claimed that Ella told her Tacha has body or mouth odour.

Speaking in her live Instagram video, Isilomo said:

“Why do you need to talk about body odour? I stayed in that house for a week, I personally know that Tacha doesn’t have body odour.

“I never smelt any mouth odour, I have never smelt anything like that.

“In fact, Tacha is very clean, and trust me, there are a few babes in that house that you can say are clean babes, trust me, I’m not even going to go there so let’s leave that gist.

“I think it was disgusting, I think it was such a low blow, obviously she doesn’t have anything to say and so she’s just trying to just maybe blow off Tacha’s game.

“Their comment is coming from a place of ‘painment’, it’s coming from their chest because Tacha is actually a clean babe.”

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