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American Pastor Speaks On T.B. Joshua Using Demonic Power



TB Joshua Delivers Woman Who Seduces Pastors After Going For Prayers (Video)

A recent video on YouTube by a female American Pastor, Daphne Patoir, has stirred a reaction. In the video, the female pastor claimed that she saw a Nigerian Pastor, T.B. Joshua, in Heaven, where she was taken during a vision.

This came in her reaction to a video alleging that the Nigerian pastor’s powers were demonic.

“On Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018, I was crying out to God because I wanted to be a follower of Jesus… to serve Him with my whole heart”.

“Suddenly, it was as if my body was a barrel and I had fallen to the bottom of the barrel and Jesus replaced me, in my body. I was conscious that my body was sitting in the chair, in our room. We were flying at the speed of lightning”.

The American pastor while speaking on her vision stated that she saw multiple demons who were screaming out in fear as they seemed like ‘roaches’ before the ‘Holy One’.

“I lost control of my body. I remembered crying and telling Jesus that I was a simple girl from a small town and that the mystery was too much for me,”.

“At lightning speed, Jesus took me into a room passed the second Heaven. As we entered, I saw three gift boxes. One had my name on it, the second one was given to a pastor I know and respect and the third one was given to T.B. Joshua. I saw T.B. Joshua in Heaven receiving a huge gift box,” she remarkably revealed.

Daphne stated that Jesus told her not to be afraid when she pleaded that she wished to return to her body.

“I know this might sound crazy but my body wouldn’t allow me access,” she explained when she attempted to return to her body during the vision.

Thereafter, the minister reminisced how after she “saw everything He wanted to show me, my body allowed me in.”

“I fell on my knees and I wept. Hours later, I was still trembling. I felt as if electricity was flowing through my body. While this was happening, my husband was sleeping in the bed. He told me that he heard me making unusual sounds and when he tried to get up to wake me, the power of the Holy Spirit pinned him to the bed.”

The American pastor added that T.B. Joshua is a genuine man of God and not using any demonic power.

“I saw T.B. Joshua in the presence of God! I fear God; I wouldn’t lie,” she concluded.

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