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RUGA: Soyinka, Ooni Tells South-West Indigenes To Protect Their Lands From Fulani Herders




Nigerian Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has shared his displeasure about the development around the ruga settlement and the threat by the northern youth in the country.

Naija News understands that the Nobel Laureate expressed his dissatisfaction when one of the Yoruba’s topmost monarch, Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, paid him a courtesy visit at his  Abeokuta residence.

The duo in a joint communique issued after a meeting expressed concerns over increasing ethnic conflicts in the country and warned that the Nation cannot survive another civil war.

The colonial contraption known as Nigeria cannot survive another upheaval in the nature of the Civil War of Biafran secession. All efforts must therefore be made to anticipate and douse socio-political flare-ups that advance the chances of a recurrence of such a conflict, no matter how reduced in scale, its devastating effects on Nigerian humanity and erosion of the prospects of continuance as a cohesive entity.

We must stress that the present development is not new, nor has it lacked warnings. Numerous times, voices have been raised, and resistance mounted against the evolution of internal heirs to external colonialism, be this manifested by a military elite or by religious or economic groupings which flaunt their scant recognition of, or respect for human dignity, civic rights and sanctity of human life. The state has cultivated the art of looking the other way – until forced to confront reality.

The Duo also accused the federal government of an attempt to Islamise Nigeria

We call on the Nigerian people to recognize that the internal colonization project is ever recurrent, that there are backward, primitive, undeveloped minds that have failed, and continue to fail to overcome delusions in this antiquated belief in sectarian domination as the key to social existence, a belief that despises peaceful cohabitation that is based on mutual respect, a spirit of egalitarian apportionment, and recognition of the dignified existence of others, including their antecedent modes of material production of the means of existence.

.We pledge our commitment and the commitment of institutions to which we belong and with which we identify, to the protection and advance of our own enduring faith in a common humanity, a respect for the rights of others, but also declare an uncompromising embrace of responsibility for the defence and protection of the rights and egalitarian entitlements of our indigenous communities.

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We call on all occupants of the nation-space known as Nigeria to adopt all the foregoing as guiding principles for mutual co-existence and to transmit the same to their offspring and wards as foundation blocks for their very social awareness.

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