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Cabal: Pro-Buhari Group Drums Support For Abba Kyari



The Buhari Diaspora Support Organisation, has thrown its weight behind the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari over allegations of running a cabal that has held President Muhammadu Buhari hostage.

Naija News understands that the group noted that the allegation was a desperate attempt to tarnish the image of the Chief of Staff and introduce crisis in the President’s family.

This comes after the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari had repeatedly raised the alarm that her husband has been held hostage by a powerful cabal in Aso Rock; a development that has prompted solidarity from some groups that took to the street in separate protests.

But Chairman of the Diaspora group, Charles Efe Sylvester, in a statement made available to journalists, said that it was not surprised by the unwarranted attacks on Kyari.

According to the statement, “we are not surprised that some agents of wickedness and corruption are fighting the Chief Of Staff and some family members of Mr President. Like Mr President will always say that corruption will fight back. So it’s not surprising that such agents of corruption and selfish interest are fighting the President,s core loyalists. However, the ferocity of the attacks by the sycophants is concerning”

“we are confident that the President will not sacrifice the love and loyalty of his family and true friends at the alter of politics. Moreso after his tenure comes to an end, the hypocrites will disappear and he will only be left with his loyal friends and family as usual.

“Where were those hypocrites when the president was jailed by IBB? Where were they when his family needed help during his years of incarceration?, where were they when he contested for the presidency four times and was almost bankrupt?.
Where were they when the president was ill and fighting for his life?

“Then suddenly they pretend to love Mr President more than everyone and have the interest of the nation at heart. Human memory is sometimes short but we have the power to recall most of them. As recent as a few months ago, these same people wrote letters in the newspapers condemning Mr President. Further, they were the same group of people who were scheming to be Vice President and wishing the president to be dead, they were shamelessly running after the Vice President for consideration as Vice, when most of us were praying for God to heal and protect the President and the likes of Mamman Daura and the COS practically relocated to London and were busy running around to ensure that our President recovered from his sickness.

” I remembered my conversation with Mr President in london, when I said to him your Excellency, we and millions of Nigerians are praying for you to recover and he responded that thank you, but I know that a few are also praying for me to die, with his usual sense of humour. True to his words,those who wished him dead and were planing to be Vice President are now hovering around the Villa to discredit those who truly love the President and the country. We are not ignorant of the efforts that the COS has made to foil the plans of the traitors to defraud the country via bogus projects or highly inflated budgets. No wonder they hate the COS with a passion”.

The group added further that, “the years of silence by the President’s family members and the COS in the face of false accusations and bullying is not a sign of weakness but rather, it is a dignified silence backed by maturity, dignity and the respect they have for Mr President. Presidents or kings from time immemorial and in the future will continue to have close confidants, because, the top is a place where treachery and betrayals are common. But we are confident that the president is and has always had the ability to make his own decisions as well as his ability to distinguish between the hypocrites and his genuine supporters and lovers of Nigeria.

“These traitors and their supporters must desist from their evil plots and should be exposed. Although corruption will continue to fight back, We should all Chanel our energies towards making Nigeria a great nation”

Source: Naija News

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