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Olumba Olumba Speaks On The Only Problem Nigeria Has



Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the sole spiritual head of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, has blamed the continuous killing of Nigerians on the greed of Nigeria’s leaders.

Represented by the Chairman of the Publicity Committee of Heavenly Father, the Christ Ambassador Ogar Osim, he said the political leaders are not being sincere, adding that they are extremely greedy.

This he stated while addressing a press conference in Calabar, Cross River state.

If you look at this Boko Haram issue, it’s because of greed and traceable to political reasons. If you observed what is happening in the country, you will see that, when a particular leader comes up, there will be one issue or the other.

“There was a time when Niger Delta boys were vandalizing pipelines, kidnapped people and doing a lot of negative things, after a while, Boko Haram surfaced and all these things if we must tell ourselves the truth, boiled down to the fact that our leaders are not sincere.

“Why our politicians are doing this, is because, they want to be heard, they want to be the only people in control of our resources and all that, but if we take the teaching of our father, of love, of benevolent, and leave greed, selfish, and we put whatsoever we had for the masses, we will have peace.

“So if Nigerian politicians, our leaders, whether political, religious, traditional leader and all that, if they can toe the footsteps of our father, they will be no killing anywhere, all these things will be the thing of the past,” he stated.

Olumba Obu maintained that because of these incessant killings and insecurity, the father established 12 thrones and “with these 12 thrones, he has demonized every throne on earth.

The impact of this throne was felt two weeks back, the pronounced caused the collapsed of all the thrones, we heard of the splitting of Kano Kingdom into four, we in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, we know that it is the vibration of what the father did.

“If you trace the history of Kano Kingdom, you will realised that it is not something you can do in one day without Kano burning to ashes, but Kano is still there, have you asked yourself, it is not beyond political reasons, it has to do with the vibration of the holy spirit and that is going to be the end.

“Now that he has started with the establishment of the twelve thrones, before the event come to an end, the father will destroy all those earthly thrones because that is where they sit to plan some of these evils, all these killing, kidnapping, the father is gradually taking control and I tell you finally Nigeria will be at peace.

“In the month of April, the father, leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the King of King, the Lord of Lords unveiled another mystery in line with his mission to consolidate man’s salvation, he called it Heavenly Father.

“If mankind, Nigerians listen to the teaching of our father, we should stop killing, we should stop being greedy, the strong should protect the weak, those in leadership position should not take everything to themselves, they should ensure that it reach everybody,” he pleaded.