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My Ambition As A President In 2041


My name is Treasure, am 13 years old. Am campaigning to be the president of Nigeria at the age of 38years. That is, in the next 25years. Many of our president leaders will not be on sit then. Absolutely, we are leaders of tomorrow.

Deep down, I want to become the president of Nigeria because the country is terribly a broken nation. For instance, when you consider security, you will discover that Nigerians are being killed all over the country, many are being kidnapped. There’s a lot of hunger in the country, majority of Nigerians are suffering from abject poverty. In fact, Nigerians are terribly divided. There is a very high rate of illiteracy in this country.

Do I need to talk about unemployment? About 20million Nigerian youths are unemployed and the government is not concerned. We have smart Nigerians when it comes to creativity, artificial intelligence and not just paperwork.  Any nation that ignores the youth can never do well because the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. But if the youths are uneducated, the nation its self is uneducated. And if they are unemployed, there will be a lot of hardship for the nation. Many of these problems have made it necessary for me to come out to contest the presidency of Nigeria with the arm of reusing the country from all these challenges.

I have five (5) point agenda which I called “MY COVENANT WITH NIGERIANS”, once implemented judiciously, which I plan to do, Nigeria will be better for it.

The first point on my agenda is on traffic management on a part-time platform, since we don’t have good roads network in Nigeria.

The second point is adequate security.

Third point social agenda, which is education and health.

The fourth point is on technology. We are nowhere when it comes to technology. For instance, it takes the US government 15 years to approve sales of weapons to fight our insecurity. Then we will no longer have to purchase weapons because we have the capacity to produce ours.

The fifth point is about our economy.

Currently, am employing 36 UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS ON TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT FROM 36 STATES WE HAVE IN NIGERIA, which is the first out of my supposed dream agenda, to prove my competency.

Right now, am at BIG MAM NAIJA REALITY HOUSE, where 40 to 50 mates are battling for a grand prize of 1.5million naira in the spelling Bee reality shows Tagged “Hearing From The Future”.

Please vote for me now to win by texting (BMN SCH19 to 32811)

My paramount arm is to create a nation where everyone will be treated as one irrespective of tribe and religion. It is only then we can comfortably say, WE ARE ONE NATION, ONE NIGERIAN.

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