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Full List Of Appeal Court Judges And Their Retirement Dates


Kano Chief Judge Appoints 34 New Sharia Court Judges

Naija News has obtained a complete list of judges currently in the Court of Appeal in Nigeria.

This online news platform understands that the Court of Appeal currently maintains about 9 divisions in different major cities of Nigeria spread across different parts of the Country including Lagos, Benin, Enugu, Kaduna, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Ilorin, Abuja, and Calabar.

Under the Constitution of Nigeria, the Court of Appeal is established as an intermediate or appellate tribunal between the Supreme Court of Nigeria and other tribunals.

The head of the Court of Appeal is called the President and it is a position deemed to be equal to the status of a Justice of the Nigeria Supreme Court.

Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa is the current President of the Court of Appeal in Nigeria.

Naija News understands that the number of Judges on the Court of Appeal may vary at any given time, depending on the minimum set by the enabling law. However, the Court is obligated to ensure that in any event, at least three out of its members at any given time are learned in Islamic personal law; as well as an additional three Judges are learned in Customary law.

The minimum requirements for an individual to be eligible for appointment as a Justice of the Court of Appeal include qualification to practice as a legal practitioner in Nigeria for at least 12 years.

An Appeal Court judge in Nigeria is appointed to the position through a multiple-step process that involves the Executive arm of government through the President of Nigeria, the National Assembly, and the National Judicial Commission, (the regulatory body of Nigeria’s judicial system headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria).

This online news platform understands that the National Judicial Commission makes recommendations of suitably qualified persons to the President who then forwards one of the recommended names to the Senate of the Federal Republic for approval.

Below is a list of judges currently in the Court of Appeal…

S/NNameStateDate of BirthBar EnrolmentAppointment




Former PostCourt of Appeal Division
1Hon. Justice Z.A. Bulkachuwa


Gombe6/3/5015/7/769/12/986/3/2020Judge, High Court of Bauchi State; Chief Judge, Gombe State High Court
2Justice  D. AdamuNiger12/7/511/7/796/9/9312/7/2021Judge, High Court of Justice, Niger State
3Hon. Justice K.B. AkaahsKaduna12/12/4928/6/7510/12/9812/12/2019Judge, High Court  of Kaduna State
4Hon. Justice M.D. MuhammadNiger27/10/532/7/770/12/9827/10/2023Judge, High Court of  Niger State
5Hon. Justice A. SanusiKastina2/2/50July, 197810/12/982/2/2020Judge, High Court of Kastina State
6Hon. Justice A.A. AugieKebbi3/9/53197817/10/023/9/2023Judge, High Court of Sokoto State
7Hon. Justice A.J. AbdulkadirKebbi23/7/567/6/8117/10/0223/7/2026Judge, Federal High Court
8Hon. Justice M.B. Dongban-MensemPlateau3/6/5722/6/8025/6/0313/6/2027Judge, High Court of  FCT, Abuja
9Hon. Justice M.L GarbaZamfara16/11/582/7/8022/9/0416/11/2028Chief Judge, High Court of Zamfara State
10Hon. Justice Tijjani AbdullahiJigawa31/12/512/7/7722/9/0431/12/2022Judge, High court of Jigawa State
11Hon. Justice M. Abba AjiYobe7/11/5626/6/8122/9/047/11/2026Judge, High Court of Justice, Yobe State
12Hon. Justice K.M.O. Kekere-EkunLagos7/5/5810/7/8122/9/047/5/2028Judge, High Court of Lagos State
13Hon. Justice M.L. TsamiyaSokoto31/12/49197925/4/0531/12/2019Judge, High Court of Sokoto State
14Hon. Justice R. Chikwe AgboEnugu21/10/538/7/7825/4/0521/10/2023Judge, High Court of Enugu State
15Hon. Justice P.A. GalinjeTaraba21/4/5022/11/0520/4/2020Judge, High Court of Taraba State
16Hon. Justice Jimi Olukayode BadaOsun10/5/5522/11/8222/11/0510/5/2025Judge, High Court of Oyo State
17Hon. Justice O. AriwoolaOyo22/8/54198122/11/0522/8/2024Judge, High Court of Oyo State
18Hon. Justice H.M. OgunwumijuOndo23/3/577/7/7822/11/0523/3/2027Judge, High Court of Onodo State
19Hon. Justice O.F. OmoleyeEkiti6/10/56July, 788/6/066/10/2026Chief Judge, High court of Ekiti State
20Hon. Justice A. Gana MsheliaBorno18/12/512/7/768/6/0618/12/2021Judge, High Court of Borno State
21Hon. Justice Abdu AbokiKano5/8/5221/7/778/6/065/8/2022Judge, High Court of Kano State
22Hon. Justice Ahmed O. BelgoreKwara18/4/5317/7/798/6/0618/4/2023Judge, High Court of Kwara State
23Hon. Justice J.H. SankeyPlateau16/1/59July, 808/6/0616/1/2029Judge, High Court of Justice Plateau State
24Hon. Justice I.M.M. SaulawaKastina29/9/562/7/828/6/0629/9/2026Judge, High Court of Kastina State
25Hon. Justice Ali A.B. GumelJigawa5/4/57July, 828/6/065/4/2027Judge, Federal High Court Abuja
26Hon. Justice Hussein MukhatrBauchi2/10/5410/7/818/6/062/10/2024Judge, High Court of FCT, Abuja
27Hon. Justice Mojeed A. OwoadeOyo19/10/52June, 758/6/0619/10/2022Judge, High Court of Justice Oyo State
28Hon. Justice U.I. Ndukwe-AnyanwuAnambra28/12/5317/7/798/6/0628/12/2023Judge, High Court of Abuja
29Hon. Justice John I. OkoroA/Ibom11/7/5921/8/858/6/0611/7/2029Judge, High Court of Akwa Ibom State
30Hon. Justice C.N. UwaAbia26/10/58198318/7/0626/10/2028Judge, High Court of Abia State
31Hon. Justice I.I. AgubeC/River1/1/53198318/7/061/1/2023Judge, High Court of Cross Rivers State
32Hon. Justice A.D. YahayaKaduna27/1/522/7/7615/2/0827/1/2022Judge, High Court of Kaduna State
34Hon. Justice S.D. BageNasarawa22/6/56Nov. 8115/2/0822/6/2026Judge, High Court of Nasarawa State
35Hon. Justice M.A.R. OredolaKwara6/2/498/7/7815/2/086/2/2019Kadi, Sharia Court of Appeal, Ilorin Kwara State
36Hon. Justice C.C. NwezeEnugu25/9/58198415/2/0825/9/2028Judge, High Court of Enugu State
37Hon. Justice C.E. Nwosu-IhemeImo2/2/595/11/8215/2/082/2/2029Judge, High Court of Imo State
38Hon. Justice T.N. Orji-AbaduaImo15/10/5916/11/8415/2/0815/10/2029Judge, High Court of Imo State
39Hon. Justice A.O. Lokulo-SodipeOgun18/2/5617/7/7915/2/0818/2/2026Acting Chief Judge, High Court of Ogun State
40Hon. Justice M. FasanmiOndo4/4/5128/6/7515/2/084/4/2021Judge, High Court of Justice Ondo State Acting Chief Judge, High Court of Ondo State
41Hon. Juctice R.O. NwodoAnambra1/11/58/7/8315/2/081/11/2028Judge, High Court of Enugu StateJudge, Federal High Court
42Hon. Justice Adamu JauroGombe26/6/5910/7/8115/2/0826/6/2029Judge, High Court of Gombe State
44Hon. Justice Joseph S. IkyghBenue17/3/5816/7/201017/3/2028Judge, High Court of Benue State
45Hon. Justice Tom S. YakubuKogi12/6/5318/7/8016/7/202012/6/2023Judge, High Court of Benue State
46Hon. Justice Joseph Tin TurBenue19/12/55198016/7/201019/12/2025Judge, High Court of Benue State
47Hon. Justice Rita Nosakhare PemuEdo06/03/53197716/7/20106/3/2023Judge, High Court of Delta State
48Hon. Justice Chinwe E.E. IyizobaAnambra19/01/50197716/7/201019/1/2020Judge, High Court of Anambra State
49Hon. Justice Philomena Nbua EkpeCross River02/08/50197516/7/20102/8/2020Judge, High Court of Cross Rivers State
50Hon. Justice Samuel chukwudumebi OsejiDelta02/06/54198516/7/20102/6/2024Judge, High Court of Delta State
51Hon. Justice Mohammed Ambi-Usi DanjumaTaraba30/03/60August 198416/7/201030/3/2030Judge, High Court of Taraba State
52Hon. Justice Haruna Moh’d TsammaniBauchi23/11/59198216/7/201023/11/2029Judge, High Court of  Bauchi State
53Hon. Justice Ita George MbabaiAkwa Ibom20/02/55198516/7/201020/2/2025Judge, High Court of Akwa Ibom State
54Hon. Justice Isaiah Olufemi AkejuEkiti21/10/55198316/7/201021/10/2025Judge, High Court of Ekiti State
55Hon. Justice Tunde Oyebanji AwotoyeOsun08/05/57198116/7/20108/5/2027Judge, High Court of  Osun State
56Hon. Justice Moore Aseimo A. AdumeinBayelsa06/05/64198416/7/20206/5/2034Judge, High Court of Bayelsa State

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