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Again, Atiku Roast Buhari In Latest Rant (See Why)




2023: Atiku Sends Message To Buhari Over Attacks On His Supporters

Former Vice President and presidential candidate of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar has again attacked President Muhammadu Buhari over the spate of poverty in the country.

Naija News reports that Atiku who seem passionate in the tone of his words about the current state of the country, fired the President as he (Atiku) again describes Nigeria as the “headquarters of extreme poverty.”

This was contained in his June 12 message where he berated the President for honouring the June 12 celebration.

Atiku in his statement said it was not enough to declare June 12 a work-free day where there is no hope for the ordinary people to find a better life.

In his statement, Atiku said Buhari needs to help the ordinary people in Nigeria find a better life from the suffocating claws of poverty.

Atiku said there was no need declaring June 12 a work-free day when some Nigerians are not even sure of securing their next meal.

In his passionate tone contained in his message, Atiku urged the President to focus more on eradicating poverty in Nigeria rather than declaring work-free days.

In his words, Atiku’s statement reads in part; “It is not enough to declare June 12 a work-free day when the ordinary people of Nigeria still don’t have the freedom to find a better life from the suffocating grip of poverty, when Nigeria is now the global headquarters of extreme poverty.

“It is not enough to declare June 12 a work-free day when a disproportionate number of citizens are not sure of where their next meal will come from and when the sanctity of their lives is not guaranteed.

“It is not enough to declare June 12 a work-free day when freedom of the press, and of speech, fundamentals of democracy is being assailed.

“It is therefore unacceptable that an administration which had an opportunity of 4 years to deliver the promise of change to Nigerians, not only reneged on that promise but propelled the country into a near-comatose state will lay claims to being a true friend of June 12 struggle.

“To be a lover of June 12 is to believe in the common good of the people. June 12 is about the political leadership having the focus to retool the Nigerian economy.

“It is about having the skills to create wealth and jobs for the teeming mass of unemployed. It is not about the inclination for shared pains; it is about shared prosperity.

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